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At EcoSolutions we're keen to see that food scraps and other organic waste doesn't end up feeding our landfill.  Currently 40% of residential waste in Northland is organic waste which would be better off feeding the land instead of our landfill. 

We run a community compost training programme - the Compost Connection - to teach indiviuals and households how to compost. Contact us to find out how to be involved either as a participant or trainer! 

Our online catalogue stocks a number of easy systems like worms farms and bokashi, for dealing with your food scraps as well as tips and tricks on reducing overall food wastage. All these come with heaps of free advice!


Widely used throughout New Zealand Bokashi Composting systems processes household organic matter into highly productive garden compost in just 4 weeks!

Not only is it easy to use, readily available, and environmentally friendly, it also gives you many advantages over alternative methods of organic recycling, worm farms. EcoSolutions stocks a range of bokashi systems to get you started.  
For more information on how bokashi works watch this short video


Worm Farms

You can also feed your food scraps directly to the worms by becoming a worm farmer!  It is also called ‘vermiculture’ or vermicomposting.  Worm farming gives you the added bonus of creating vermicast and worm tea which are great food for your veggie garden.  We also stock worms so that you can start your worm farm straight away. 




Far North District:  Jo Shanks | Mb:  022 639 3154 | E: 
Mid North District:  Anouk Van Donzel | Mb:  027 254 5462 | E:
Whāngarei District:  Cézanne Hamilton | Mb: 0272574674 | E:
Whāngarei District: Jane Reed |Mb: 0272306408 |
Whāngarei District: Brontë Hamilton | Mb: 02102525212 |

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Thank you Anouk for your presentation to the Bay of Islands/Pewhairangi DOC staff yesterday. The meeting was well-attended and generated wide-ranging discussions that were stimulated by your depth of knowledge about and passion for the topic. The practical wax wrap session at the end really engaged staff that ordinarily are not that interested in the topic. We are looking forward to the next session. 
Bay of Islands/Pewhairangi DOC

We are a small team in a very small office and yet we were not doing so well on the recycling front. Eco Solutions helped us to see where we needed improvement and helped us to get all our systems in place. We were super pleased to get our first award! We can now show it off with pride and are pleased to be seen to be doing the right thing.
Hannah, Alzheimers Northland Mid North Office

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