Reducing Waste, increasing kaitiakitanga

EcoSolutions is one of CBEC's enterprises which  focuses on positive climate action and education throughout Northland, implementing behaviour change in our homes, businesses, schools and local community throughout Northland.

EcoSolutions was formed over 17 years ago as a community environmental hub that provided advice on minimising waste and protecting the local environment from activities that cause pollution and degradation.
EcoSolutions' focus is positive climate action through encouraging behaviour change, with a focus on how we perceive and deal with waste.  

Education programmes are delivered to schools, businesses and community groups in an effort to live more sustainably.

We increase Kaitiakitanga, caring for our environment, through examining the waste hierarchy with a large focus on composting and the 6 R’s: reduce, reuse, repair, re-purpose, rethink and finally recycle.