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Compost Hub

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EcoSolutions will provide: EcoSolutions & the Compost Collection Hubs will form a supportive partnership. EcoSolutions will provide up to 80% of financial support to set up a compost collection hub; up to a value of $2,000 in a tailored set up that can include:
A Mac Direct hot compost system or materials to manufacture a hot compost system. $100 towards a thermometer to track your hub's temperature (it ideally should be 45-65°C) and/or equipment to facilitate compost collection such as collection bins. Access to a shredder (includes extra payment) Extensive resources and content, including: workshop guides, online content and information booklets. EcoSolutions are happy to assist in applying for community board funding for extra composting equipment.

The Hub: 
Uses their own networks to collect compostable waste from a group of at least twenty members or clients. Keep track of the volume composted (we will provide a tracking spreadsheet). The hub must remain in community use at the site agreed upon by both parties; systems that are disused shall be found an alternative community site as agreed with by the hub coordinator. Will attain funding or invest 20% of the cost of the hub set up ($400). Will organise at least 1/2m3 of carbon to get compost started (wood chip/ bark peel etc). The hub will work on being financially sustainable, and will be responsible for their own insurance and maintenance.