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EcoSolutions CC

Compost Caddy For CC Participants

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Maze Kitchen Compost Caddy

Available in 7L or 23L
Currently a 3 week wait for 23L caddy orders - expected arrival end of July

  • Wide opening so its easy to scrape your plates into the bin!
  • Snap fitting lid to retain moisture and avoid odours
  • Lockable lid
  • Handy carry handle

Significantly reduce your daily trips to the outdoor compost heap or council green bin with this stylishly, compact, Maze Compost Caddy. When full simply pick up by the handle and empty into your chosen recycling outlet (compost bin, worm farm or council green waste bin).

CCC price 7 litres $5 /23 litres $10-Subsidised by The Ministry For Environment for the Compost Connection Programme