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10kg Certified Organic Natural Garden Lime

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  • Corrects soil acidity by maintaining pH at an optimal level
  • The natural calcium also helps strengthen plant cells including stems, flowers and fruit
  • Conditions and improves soil structure

Yates® Thrive® Natural Garden Lime is an all-purpose certified input for organic gardening that contains natural lime (calcium carbonate) sourced locally from Te Kuiti, King Country, New Zealand.

It is a natural soil pH adjuster and plant strengthener which ‘unlocks’ nutrients that then can become available to plants. It also conditions and improves soil structure by encouraging earthworm and microbe activity that helps aerate soil, even in heavy (clay) soils, improving drainage and growth of strong root structures essential for healthy plant growth.

CCC Price $5 -Subsidised by The Ministry For Environment for the Compost Connection Programme